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This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang, but a whimper

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Death is one moment, and life is so many of them
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mausolea_fics is the community for our_innocence's fanfiction. (For everyone confused, I was ran_huo before, I just changed my name.)

I used to have a super-shiny and spiffy layout, but I got bored, so the info is boring again. Sue me.

.:; Fandoms Written

Bleach (mangaverse), D. Gray-Man (pending, mangaverse), Ouran High School Host Club (animeverse), Harry Potter (bookverse), Sin City (novelverse), X-Men (movieverse), Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (book and movieverse)

.:; What's Not Written

Usually not very popular pairings (so no Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny). Not real smut, no real kinks or squicks, no incest. And rarely sluts. Crossovers are only done for crackpics. I occasionally do the more popular ships (Ron/Hermione, etc) only on request from close friends. Sorry.

.:; How To Find A Fic

I'm lagging with fixing the tags, but I usually enter fandom (i.e. Harry Potter), characters (Ichigo, Orihime, Dwight, Host Club), pairings, rating (general audiences to adult/mature). The basic tags:

(_Harry Potter_ || (_Bleach_) || (_Ouran High School Host Club_)) || (_X-Men_)


(_The Complete List Of Tags_)

Some of the fics are located at skseven, the journal I used for fics before switching to a community.

.:; Requesting a Fic

Most of the time, I open my personal journal up for requests. It's flocked, so it's friends-only; you gotta be part of the flist. You are free to request a fic in the comments, or through email ( our [underscore] innocence [at] livejournal [dot] com ). I don't promise that I'll write it, but I'll try. Nag me on aim if it's important or something.

.:; Pairings Written

Harry Potter:
Harry/Hermione + Ron/Hermione + Ron/Harry/Hermione + Charlie/Hermione + Charlie/Harry/Hermione + Blaise/Hermione + Remus/Hermione + Harry/Luna + Harry/Ginny[ew] + George/Hermione + Seamus/Luna + Sirius/Ginny + Hermione/Snape + Neville/Ginny + Ron/OC + Harry/OC + Hermione/Oliver + Ron/Draco + Neville/Padma + Ron/Lavender + Luna/OC + Pansy/Theodore + Ginny/Theodore + Hermione/Goyle + Remus/Tonks + Ginny/Terry + Draco/Hermione + Tom Riddle[Voldemort]/Hermione + Merope/Riddle Sr + Dobby/Hagrid + Snape/Potions Vial + Bellatrix/Voldemort + Viktor/Hermione + Cedric/Hermione + Harry/Susan + Luna/Kingsley + Harry/Katie +

Bleach: Renji/Orihime + Ishida/Orihime + Hitsuguya/Matsumoto + Shunsui/Nanao + Kenpachi/Unohana

Sin City:

Ouran High School Host Club:
Mori/Haruhi, Nekozawa/Haruhi

.:; Who the hell is shortitude?

Me Cells. I write most of my fics for her.

.:; Can I rec your fic? Add it to my archive?

I don't care who or where people rec my fics, although I do enjoy being told about it. As for archiving, please ask me first. I write under different names (Seren, SKSeven, Eliane Fraser, etc), so there's a chance that I already belong to archive and can upload it for you. I usually don't have a problem with joining and uploading elsewhere.

.:; The Rest of the Stories

My fics are scattered all over the net on different archives, so no- they're not all here. Go to my personal lj; in the top, there's a link list to all the different archives I belong to. Happy surfing.

Updated 14.October 06 @ 00.24 hours.

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