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Untitled Drabble; Ouran High School Host Club

Below the cut- a short Nekozawa and Haruhi drabble. (well, all drabbles are short. I know. SHUT. UP.) It was written for the lovely avi_via_vai, who draws awesome pics and such. General Audiences, minor spoilers for Nekozawa's family.

'Well,' she said, grinning, 'you may be a bit weird, but you're nothing compared to these guys.' Haruhi jammed a thumb over her shoulder towards Tamaki and Kaoru, who were cavorting through an artificial pond filled with koi, glittering and shining for all the girls who tittered for them.

'If you say so,' he said, unconvinced.

'I do,' she said, firmly. 'So you don't like the light. I don't like to sweet things. There are worse things in the world, right?'

'Yeah, I guess.' He scrunched up his face. God, he sounded so... lame. Very uninspiring. He was surprised she was even paying attention to him. But she was, sitting in his shadowy little room, relaxed as anything.

Nekozawa had inadvertently discovered that Haruhi was a girl after Tamaki had thrown yet another tantrum about his daughter and her inappropriate ways. He swore himself to secrecy. He wasn't overly impressed by the threats that the group threw out- well, maybe Mori's glare and short statement that revealing the secret meant that Mori might just decide to reveal Nekozawa's internal organs to the light of day was a bit frightening- but he liked the idea of having a secret the school didn't know.

The fact that only one other member outside the Ouran club knew that secret- and that the person was possibly the only person the school generally thought was more frightening that Nekozawa- only sweetened the deal. Sometimes he laughed at the faces of his classmates when they saw the two of them consorting together.

And it was kind of nice, having her as a friend. Sometimes she escaped to his little corner of darkness just to get away from the madness.

'So, Nekozawa-sempai,' she said, 'where'd you get Beelzenef?' He was startled when she put her hand on the puppet, playing with its ears.

'Well,' he began, grinning a bit, 'it all began with a trip to Egypt with my family, a little while before my sister was born...'

She listened attentively, and Nekozawa thought that maybe this sort of light, carried in laughter, wasn't too bad at all.


DDDDD: *falls into an oozing pile of goo*

NEKONEKONEKOZAWAAAAAAA~~~~~~ There is not enough love for him. *snuggles* Lovely! ♥
I agree.

NEKOZAWA!!!!!!!1111!!!1111!!!ONEONE! *melts into fangirl puddle*

I love this this is wonderful, he does NOT get enough love or attention, neither he now Kasanoda...
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